Introducing Resocial

One major problem of security/privacy websites and tools is that they tend to assume a level of technical expertise not available to most Internet-connected people. I can set up and run my own tools or services, but most of my family could not. It doesn't really help to show people how governments and tech companies are tracking and using them if no solutions are provided -- solutions that are actually possible.

We need people with the technical ability to provide services for people whose expertise lies outside IT. Toward that end, as I work myself out of reliance on the major tech companies, with a plan of 100% avoidance outside work, I will also be trying to make these solutions available to a wider audience (though often limited to friends and family plus some degree of separation outward, just to keep my costs reasonable).

I quit Facebook a while back and love it, but many people I talk to wold like to give it up but feel like they can't -- if you see your grandkids once a year, you'll put up with a lot to be able to see photos. So I'm beginning with a diaspora* pod - (edit: I'm now on

A short, non-exhaustive list of what will come in the future:

  • removal of everything Amazon. My Kindle is now a read-only device; no new books.
    • prefer: local bookstore, library; Kobo Forma?
  • replace OneDrive with a solution on my own server.
  • replace MS Office with LibreOffice.
  • Librem 5 phone?
  • migrate from Windows back to Linux or a BSD.

I already avoid Google and don't watch TV/movies; though as part of my goal of enabling other people to choose privacy-possible solutions I do need to keep their common services in mind.